The Cradle Method

For those who have the heart and soul of a dance artist. Learn the fine art of ballet through instinctual self-awareness.

Form. Feel. Freedom.

“John’s method of dance would superficially appear to be a radical departure from the accepted norms of traditional ballet. I prefer to consider his concepts revolutionary.”

Michelle C. White
Assistant Professor, University of Montana

Technique is Inherent Within

“I was on the verge of quitting and my body was suffering from injuries due to poor training and lack of attention. As he took me under his wing, not only did all my pain go away, but I began to discover who I was beneath all the superficial technique I had received. The discipline, mental involvement,and physical demands that a dancer endures don’t have to be burdensome and painful. I wouldn’t be dancing today had I not found John.”

Lara L. B.F.A. in Dance
University of California, Irvine

Genius of Your Design

“In nature, there is hidden a primal or perfect pulse. From that springs our primitive urge to jump and dance. If you have the desire, I have the method to cultivate that which nature has bestowed upon you: raw, uninhibited ability. To express yourself through the classical form can be made natural and instinctual with the Cradle Method.”

John Welch, Artistic Director
The JohnC Art Ballet

Learn to dance more quickly and effectively

Unlike traditional ballet training methods, the Cradle Method promotes continual, rapid progress.  As a dancer you will never find yourself at a standstill.

Reduce the chance of injuries and chronic pain

Working naturally reduces the potential for injury or deterioration from overwork to a dancer’s body.

Suitable for all ages, levels, and body types

We believe that through passion and perseverance, anyone can become great — not only those born with the ideal “ballet body,” or “natural talent.” What we care about above all is the spirit and dedication within the dancer.

Transcending Tradition

The Cradle Method employs conscious learning and self-imagery combined with classical vocabulary and innovative technique.

Through a variety of exercises and studies, dancers are guided into their own bodies so they become acutely aware of their skeletal alignment and bone structure. This skeletal awareness allows the muscles of the body to work in harmony, thus reducing the stress imposed on the body as one dances.

A Training Revolution

The Cradle Method TM is the official training method of the JohnC Art Ballet.  

​Through the Cradle Method, John has returned hundreds of dancers back to the dance floor, even if doctors and therapists have told them they would never dance again. Watch the videos below to learn how the Cradle Method heals dancers, instills confidence, and breaks through barriers to learning the art of ballet.

One dancer’s story of how the Cradle Method helped her find newfound freedom through dance.
Get a sneak peek into the ballet classroom. Students from all walks of life share inspiring stories about their experiences with dance and the Cradle Method.
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