Making the Art of Dance Real Again

The JohnC Art Ballet embodies a truly American style of ballet. Through a daring use of space, freedom of movement, and artistic expression, we present a new, yet authentic treatment of classical ballet born of an unquenchable belief in the power of the human spirit.

In the words of our founder: “Anything man-made can be had by anyone.”

The Company

An exciting and powerful transformative experience. A deeply personal, emotional connection that is entirely unique.

“They captivate the audience with their highly trained artistic ease and facility. Personally, I liken The JohnC Art Ballet to a chamber music concert – intimate, engaging.”  
Cecilia O. (Audience Member)

School of Dance

Our training methods are like few others in the world, allowing dancers to grow mentally and passionately through ballet.

We believe there is no such thing as a “perfect” body for dance; anyone that has the desire can become great. 

Outreach Programs

Life-changing programs for the blind, hearing-impaired, wheelchair-bound, and economically-challenged.

“Like music, dance should be a physical representation of the universal language that transcends political and cultural boundaries.” 
John C. Welch, Artistic Director

Passion is the Muscle of Commitment

The JohnC Art Ballet was originally known as the Hartfel Ballet. Founded in 2001, this small, yet dedicated group persevered through great adversity to bring the art of dance to audiences, students, and communities throughout Southern California.

Want to learn more about the JohnC Art Ballet? Check out our videos page.

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