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Ballet Academy

Orange County Ballet School

The Box Dance Studio Schedule and Fees
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Unlike other ballet schools, The Box Dance Studio promotes continual, rapid progress. As a dancer you will never find yourself at a standstill.

The Ballet Academy offers graded classes in Classical Ballet to meet the needs of students at each stage of their development. Students take multiple dance classes each week in preparation for a future in the professional dance world, and have the opportunity to perform in Winter and Spring recitals, as well as competitions.

Classes are well-structured while maintaining the flexibility needed to respond to the needs of each individual student. Each class is instructional and designed for a specific purpose. All teachers utilize The Cradle Method, the official training curriculum of The JohnC Art Ballet.

The Cradle Method

While traditional methods depend on learning at an unconscious level through rote repetition, The Cradle Method employs conscious learning through systematic study that allows the serious student to learn more quickly and effectively.

Through a variety of exercises and studies, students are guided into their own bodies, so they become acutely aware of their skeletal alignment and bone structure. This skeletal awareness allows the muscles of the body to work in harmony, thus reducing the stress imposed on the body as one dances.

Stress on the body creates muscle tension distorting line, and creating jerky or forced movement instead of the supple, fluid motion created in the natural flow of the dance.

Enhanced awareness of the body allows a dancer to learn vocabulary more efficiently and at a more accelerated rate than traditional styles of teaching. More traditional styles depend on learning at an unconscious level through rote repetition.

Working naturally reduces the potential for injury or deterioration from overwork to a dancer’s body.

Private Lessons

Private lessons with the Artistic Director are available. They are structured much like a class would be with the exception of more dedicated emphasis on physical consciousness, abstract and direct visualization, and inception of movement.

Summer Program

Summer Intensive Flyer

Take your art to the next level. John C. Welch’s methods challenge the boundaries of traditional ballet by providing an intense, holistic approach to training. Small class size and individual attention guarantee an experience that reveals untapped potential and removes mental blocks that can keep the serious dancer from progressing. You will learn skills to take with you for the rest of your dance career.

John Welch has over twenty years of experience as a Ballet Master, private coach, and choreographer. He believes that anyone can learn to be a great dancer, regardless of body type or "natural talent." Mr. Welch welcomes students and professionals of all levels who have a serious attitude toward the art.

Advanced and Professional dancers interested in auditioning for the JohnC Art Ballet are encouraged to take the summer program, to get an idea about the level of work expected of company members. For audition times, please visit our Audition page.