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The Box Dance Studio

Orange County Dance Studio

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The Box Dance Studio is the official school of The JohnC Art Ballet, located in Southern California.

Offering the highest quality dance training in Orange County, The Box hosts a pre-professional Ballet Academy, as well as classes in Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pre-ballet (ages 3-9), and Teen/Adult ballet. Students perform in a Winter and Spring recital, and also have the opportunity to participate in competitions. Instructors are professional dancers who have over 20 years of experience in the dance world, including teaching and performing.

The techniques used at the Box are like few others in the world, allowing dancers to grow mentally and passionately through dance. Unlike other studios, The Box promotes continual, rapid progress, allowing dancers to achieve their goals in dance much quicker than the traditional methods. We believe there is no such thing as a “perfect” body for dance; anyone that has the desire can become great.

What we care about above all is the spirit and dedication within the dancer. Personal attention is given to all dancers at all levels. Whether you’re trying dance for the first time, or are an experienced dancer looking to move forward, the Box is the place for you.

Teaching Staff

John C. Welch, Artistic Director

Advanced Ballet, Private Lessons, JohnC Art Ballet Company Class

John C. Welch is the Artistic Director and Ballet Master of The JohnC Art Ballet. He is the creator of the Cradle Method, an innovative approach to learning the art of classical ballet, and is the Director of The Box Dance Studio and Ballet Academy.

Under the direction of Maria Lewis, he has performed as a soloist at the Pacific Ballet Theatre (Vancouver, BC). Mr. Welch held a position as an Associate Professor on the Dance Faculty of Scripps College in Claremont, CA where he developed a technique for Beginning Ballet through Level IV and taught Pedagogy and choreography. Mr. Welch acted as the Director of the Dancer's Mind School of Dance Arts in Santa Barbara, CA. He has conducted private coaching with soloists from the Valerie Houston Dance Company and the Santa Barbara Ballet Company. He also has worked with body alignment and awareness with patients referred by local medical doctors, including work with athletes and weight trainers to prevent injuries and conducting choreography for body builders.

"John's method of dance would superficially appear to be a radical departure from the accepted norms of traditional ballet. I prefer to consider his concepts revolutionary."

--Michelle C. White, Assistant Professor, University of Montana

Veronica Badzey

Pre-ballet, Pre-Elementary, Elementary, and Intermediate Ballet

Veronica is a founding member of The JohnC Art Ballet and The Hartfel Foundation, and has been performing with the company as a Principal Dancer since May of 2001. She has danced in many original choreographic works by John Welch, including Appalachian Interpretations, In Spirit, Christmas Hymns, the Tango variation from Stravinsky's L'Histoire du Soldat, and Baroque to Brazil. Veronica has been an Ballet Instructor at the Box since 2006, and is also an Assistant Instructor for the Step in the Dark Dance Program. She gained her BA degree in Dance from the University of California at Irvine.