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Orange County Ballet Company and Ballet School - The JohnC Art Ballet

Common Bodies, Uncommon Grace

A dance ensemble with a daring approach to the art of ballet. Our goal is the passionate pursuit of artistic excellence, outside the commonly known mainstream of ballet.

We believe that through passion and perseverance, anyone can become great—not only those born with the ideal “ballet body,” or “natural talent.” We honor individuality in all its forms, and bring the beauty of dance to any who desire to learn, experience, and ultimately express with it.

What is Art Ballet?

ART: 1. Human creativity; 2. Making of things that have form or beauty; 3. "a treating of the commonplace with the feeling of the sublime," (J.F. Millet); 4. "The conveyance of spirit by means of matter" (Salvador de Madariaga); 5. "The expression of one soul talking to another" (Ruskin).

BALLET: From the Latin BALLARE, meaning simply, TO DANCE: the body moving to rhythmical patterns, escorted by melodic line.

ART BALLET: A new form of ballet that takes the classical tradition and frees it to pursue its highest purpose: individual artistic expression.

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