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Orange County Community Outreach

Civilization and culture go hand in hand. The arts nourish the senses and increase sensitivity to the world. They encourage more creative ways of communicating. This sensitivity is essential to holding a culture together, to raising consciousness so members of society are concerned with more than making money or caring for their own personal welfare.

Step in the Dark Dance Program

The Hartfel Foundation's outreach program for blind and visually-impaired children ages 11 -17. Students benefit from the highly specialized ballet training offered through the Cradle Method, the exclusive training curriculum of the The JohnC Art Ballet.

The Step in the Dark Dance Program is only the first of many outreach programs for the disabled, and will pave the way for future programs for the hearing-impaired, wheel-chair bound, and financially-challenged.


  • Increased skills for living in a sighted world
  • Building confidence in unfamiliar surroundings
  • Developing confidence interacting with people outside of a "comfort zone"
  • Physical benefits such as improved posture, body awareness, and poise
  • Learning the art of ballet
  • Music appreciation
  • Stage performance opportunities (for all levels)
  • Pursuit of a professional career in dance

To sponsor a child in the program, please contact info@hartfel.org or visit our Donate page.

The JohnC Art Ballet

A dance ensemble dedicated to the progression of ballet as an art form, not merely a source of entertainment or physical beauty. Our goal is the passionate pursuit of artistic excellence, beyond the limits of perfection. We believe that through passion and perseverance, anyone can become great — not only those born with the ideal "ballet body", or "natural talent". View samples of our work in our Video section or at our YouTube Channel.

Performance Outreach

The Foundation sponsors free performances and performance workshops for the community, through the JohnC Art Ballet. The company has connected with many audiences who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend live dance performances, such as retirement communities and homes for disabled children.


The Trainee/Apprentice program provides partial scholarships to dancers who exhibit the required commitment and drive to become professional members of The JohnC Art Ballet.