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The Hartfel Foundation

Standing for Peace and Personal Excellence through the Fine Arts

The Hartfel Foundation believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence, in all its forms, on an individual and community level.

The arts provide an ideal environment for the development of the amazing human potential we all have within us. They demand an inner understanding that classroom schooling most often neglects. In order to be great in the arts, you must face who you are every day, on a very real, tangible level.

They engage not only the mind but the emotions. They question the deep-seated assumptions that limit our ability to change our lives, grow in confidence, and become powerful sources of inspiration to others.

The arts give us the opportunity to challenge our limitations and come out the stronger for it. Through that experience comes the kind of knowledge that only wisdom can bring.

  • By believing in the Hartfel Foundation, you believe in unlimited human potential.
  • When you support the Hartfel Foundation, you support the exploration of the human spirit and its endless capacity for growth.
  • As you touch the circle of our inspiration, you realize your own ability to make lasting and meaningful contributions to the world.